Heroic Highmaul: check!
posted on 15/04/2015
by Tecrin

Done. Dusted. Never a-fucking-gain, thank you very much. Vintage got Imperator Mar'gok down in the last attempt of the evening and promptly solemnly vowed to never set foot in Highmaul ever again. Over and done with, now can we go back to wiping in Heroic Foundry?

Elephants, wolves and dragons, oh my!
posted on 25/03/2015
by Tecrin

In other words, the general atmosphere in the raid last night. In other, other words, I forgot to take a killshot. But we downed heroic Beastlord! And we have proof, see:


It's like we've been training for this.
posted on 20/03/2015
by Tecrin

It's the end of the line for the Operator! We were on the right track for a kill last night, were met with a few unexpected delays (cows on the tracks, you know, the usual), some south-bound attempts, but at our last attempt of the evening we drove Operator Thogar right into the buffer stop.


Yeah, I think I've officially depleted my stock of train-related jokes. I know a certain mage that's bound to have at least a few more up his sleeve. As a little bonus, though, as a reward for sitting through those terrible jokes, I offer you: the train-to-the-face-selfie, brought to you by our fearless field photographer, Kavash.

I told them not to horse around on the treadmill!
posted on 09/03/2015
by Tecrin



Hansel and Gretel are such typical blokes. All talk and puff and strutting around like they own the place, showing off, dare-devilling on the treadmills... but punch them squarely in the face and they'll run crying to their mothers. Or die, in this case.


Here's the kill-video! Now with bonus 'singing'.

Killing him seems a bit like Gruul and unusual punishment
posted on 09/03/2015
by Tecrin

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the puns now. Heroic Gruul is down for the count! Vintage is on a roll! And audibly loving it, so enjoy our ridiculous Gruul kill video and make sure to watch it to the end to see what makes Vintage, well, Vintage.

Kill left hand, kill right hand, kill body, build bridge, right?
posted on 09/03/2015
by Tecrin

Come on now Blizzard, let's get real here for a second. Were you out of ideas? Deadline coming up, time running out, coffee running out, I get it, I do, really, we've all been there. But how is this guy not just that bridge guy from Ulduar wearing the skin from that worm from Blackwing Descent? He even does the same arm jiggle!

He did drop better loot, though. So he has that going for him, I guess.

Don't believe me? Watch the video!

Well, balls.
posted on 04/03/2015
by Tecrin

We broke the Breaker. Again. Told you there's no special glue for that! Told you. Oh well. At least now we won't have to juggle his balls any more... Last night, Vintage rocked up and planted a solid boot heel into the face of Ko'Ragh, the Breaker of Magic. Now all we need is to stomp out that ugly dude upstairs, and Heroic Highmaul is ours!


As always, there's video to prove it. Enjoy!

Good news, everyone! Vintage finished an instance!
posted on 02/03/2015
by Tecrin


That's right, we did! Last night, Vintage finally went back into Highmaul to finish off Imperator Mar'gok and his frantically bouncing balls. It was long overdue, I agree. In our excitement, we completely forgot to make a killshot (even though our raid leader was taking selfies the whole raid long, right up to the pull. Vanity, thy name is blood elf) but fortunately, we have the video to prove it! Grats, Vintage, now get to work on heroic Ko'ragh and heroic Imperator already, sheesh!

Yeah, that's right, keep rolling, you overgrown muppet.
posted on 18/02/2015
by Tecrin


I can't be the only one who had Limp Bizkit stuck in their head during this fight. Right? Right. Because that overgrown muppet Oregorger kept rolling, rolling, rolling... But after a number of facerolls on his account we finally got him to hold still long enough so we could kill him. And then he vanished so quickly that all we have left to show for it is an empty room and a whole lot of cows. Oh, and video! Roll tape. Get it? "Roll"? Oh nevermind, just watch the video.


Flamebender, meet fire extinguisher
posted on 18/02/2015
by Tecrin


What is it with these people and trying to set their house on fire?! I mean, come on now, the whole floor was alight! And fire dogs?! Talk about bad choice of a pet, there!

Last night, Flamebender Ka'graz's light was snuffed out like the flame on a candle between two wet fingers. *poof*. Want proof? Watch the video!


Somebody better call PETA
posted on 16/02/2015
by Tecrin


How did this guy come to be in charge of whole hosts of animals?! He clearly has absolutely no idea how to treat them right. Poor elephant. Poor wolfie. Poor rylak. Don't worry though, we taught him a lesson. PETA can be proud.

After some tweaking of tactics, a whole lot of spear killing, and a wipe when he was at 4763 HP, Beastlord Darmac bit the dust last night. There was much rejoicing. And even though you can't hear the rejoicing, we did catch the whole kill on video! Enjoy!

This is why you never see the bulky guys on the treadmill
posted on 11/02/2015
by Tecrin

Who would have thought that when you get to fight two giant, bulky guys it's actually the floor that kills you? Or the ceiling, in this case? Or the walls, in some cases. What the hell kind of torture chamber is that place, anyway?!

We decided to go left tonight, and after a few runs on the treadmill, we got Hansel and Gretel down pretty easily! Then we went straight back to killing beasties, as you do.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
posted on 09/02/2015
by Tecrin

Poor Gruul. Once the mighty Dragonkiller, bane of many raiding guilds, he's been reduced to only a shadow of his former self. I felt sorry for him. Really, I did. Right up until the point where he tried to set our whole raid team on fire. Then I just felt like killing him. Which we did! In only 4 attemps! (Or 6, depending on if you count Niels wipes or not)

Next up: Beastlord Darmac and his merry band of beasties. Remind me to stock up on flea spray before the next raid.

Don't tell mum, it was her favourite...
posted on 30/01/2015
by Tecrin




Okay, so technically we broke the Breaker of Magic aaaaages ago. But we're slackers and forgot to take a killshot. Double whoops? In true Vintage style we tweaked tactics until they no longer made sense and then swatted him like a fly by pure, dumb luck. Only one of the smelly, stinky, stupid, ugly ogres to go!

"You tanking the ugly one?" "What, you mean I'm taking them both?"
posted on 29/12/2014
by Tecrin

After being saved by the tiniest of margins last week with a 0% wipe (don't you just hate those? I hate those...) we finally got the Twin Uglies down! Because the worst part of that fight isn't the walls of fire, the whirlwind or the falling rocks, it's having to stare into their ugly mugs, or even worse, butts, for the entire fight. No really. Pity the melee, we have to stare at butts. Next up: Tectus. Who turns into Tectii. Who turn into Tect..oids? I don't even know anymore.

Ho ho ho, baby!
posted on 16/12/2014
by Tecrin


Ahhh... It's good to be back, isn't it? Vintage got its ass into gear and is back in the saddle! And that means oldschool one-shotting bosses and wiping on trash! On our first raid night, we downed Kargath Bladefist in two attempts, and followed it up with a quick takedown of the Butcher! Brackenspore put up more of a fight, and we had to abandon our efforts for a week, but he also bit the dust this weekend. So now... We're facing off with the Twin Ogron. And boy, are they ugly. Last night, the raid team had bad luck, culminating in a 0% wipe, but rest assured: these ugly bumtrumpets are going down next time.

Vintage has moved!
posted on 16/01/2014
by Tecrin


Vintage has moved servers! From now on, we will be part of the Horde community on Magtheridon!

Come find us if you haven't already, or apply to the guild here!

I'm beginning to think we should not be left alone with Titan constructions.
posted on 13/02/2013
by Tecrin

Seriously, every single time we come across one of those ancient constructions we leave it behind in pieces. It's a good thing they didn't have insurance companies back in those days otherwise we'd be sued for every copper in the guild bank.

Despite the late start and the connection issues last night, we were on a definite roll! It may have had something to do with the wave of euphoria we were riding after killing Elegon, but we swooped into the room and wiped the floor with these Titan constructs! Vintage is once again ahead of the Nerf Curve ™!

For someone named Elegon, he wasn't very... Elegant. *badumpTSHH*
posted on 13/02/2013
by Tecrin

Sometimes, we have raid nights that seem doomed from the get-go. Take last night, for instance. We started almost 50 minutes late thanks to a DC'ing hunter, a shaman who couldn't log into the game, and a replacement-monk who was busy making dinner at an ungodly hour (so that's regular dinner-time in Scotland) when we needed him. Naturally, we were a bit disheartened with the idea that we had only 2 of the 3 hours of our raidnight left to get Elegon down.

But lo and behold: Elegon the Sparkledragon unceremoniously bit the dust yesterday evening. Mr. Sparklepants took quite a beating, and put up one hell of a fight, but after a few low-percentage wipes we got him down! And with about an hour to spare, too!

Who needs a rolled-up newspaper when you can call..
posted on 13/02/2013
by Tecrin


Ugh. I hate bugs. Hate the buggers. Legs everywhere, they make freaky noises, they crawl up things... And if they grow to be the size of this one they try to kill you with sonar bombs, and nasty spit, and if you're REALLY lucky, mind-controlled tauren. Ugh.


We took a break from Elegon after a few low-percentage wipes to swat some of these ugly buggers. Call it stress-reducing therapy. Like squeezing a stress ball, only here we were squeezing the life out of a giant bug. Ahh... Relaxing.

*pompomshake* We've got spirit! *pompomshake* Gooooo Vintage!
posted on 20/12/2012
by Tecrin


Again with the cheerleader-theme! It's a good thing the next boss is more manly, rugged... Oh, wait. Sparkly dragon. Oh.

Gara'jal, the world's worst cheerleader
posted on 16/12/2012
by Tecrin


You're a spiritbinder, you're a troll, you do creepy things with voodoo. All three points that should work in your favour in an encounter with Vintage's finest, Mr. Gara'Jal, but we still completely roflstomped you as if you were a bug on our living room floor. I'm pretty sure your 'I'll be back'-speech was not completely pulled out of thin air, so next time, at least put some more effort in it, deal? Deal.

Beng! Feng down!
posted on 10/12/2012
by Tecrin


Oh, that Feng. He crumbled so easily. No, seriously, you guys, it took, like, what, 10 tries, and he keeled over like we knocked him out cold! He'll be back though. Lorewalker Cho says so. Now, onwards we march, to that weird troll dude, who's waaaay too big for his flying mount!

Stoneguard down!
posted on 07/11/2012
by Tecrin

Vintage is back, and with a vengeance! After an extended break from raiding following the Summer holiday, the launch of Mists of Pandaria, and one weekend of drunken debauchery at the fourth annual Vintage Guild Barbecue, we finally jumped back into raiding, face-forward and without checking for rocks first. Our first hurdle? The Stoneguard. Three fierce, vicious stone dogs that were leaving puddles all over the place. Well, not any more. We house-broke those puppies!

Next up? Feng the Bubble-king!

Deathwing down! Deathwing down! Deathwing down!
posted on 11/04/2012
by Tecrin


Ladies and gentlemen, Deathwing the Destroyer has been destroyed. We did it! We kicked dragon butt! We took him out! We... well, you get the idea. Congrats to another milestone in the history of Vintage!

posted on 11/04/2012
by Tecrin


I guess it's safe to say that we know how to roll.

Vintage is back, and how!
posted on 06/04/2012
by Tecrin

Drumroll please... For the glorious return of Vintage!

Yep, we took a small break from raiding. Real life and other stuff got in the way. It happens, you know. The doctor told me it's nothing to worry about.

Last night, Vintage rocked up and kicked ass like we never left Azeroth and downed Warmaster Blackhorn and his merry band of swashbuckling dragonriders. Our first attempts at poking Deathwing in the ribs turned into a glorious display of aerobatics (before we all fell off, that is), but he's going down soon!

Ultraxion down!
posted on 09/01/2012
by Tecrin


Have you ever noticed that the bigger the boss, the smaller the lootbox appears to be? Or is that just me?




Ultraxion down! Down! Down! Onwards to Lootship 2.0!

Hagara down!
posted on 21/12/2011
by Tecrin


Now, I don't know about you, but this lady was a lot of huff and puff and not actually a lot of storm. Needless to say, we blew her off the platform. Onwards to the Big Giant Purple Dragon In The Sky it is!

Whoops! Looks like someone tripped over the progress bucket!
posted on 15/12/2011
by Tecrin

I mean, look at that mess, blood and guts everywhere and all of a sudden we're 3/8 and counting!And because I owe you all a fresh bout of my unbelievably bad sense of humour, have an image.


Ragnaros down! And we don't even have proof!
posted on 25/11/2011
by Tecrin


See, this is what happens when your raid members don't want to take a killshot picture because, and I quote, 'our resident picturetaker wasn't in the raid!'. Here you go, stickfigure guildies. Grats on the kill!

We're on the train to the inevitable, and we've got a one-way ticket.
posted on 12/10/2011
by Tecrin

Nope, that did not make a lot of sense. But it got your attention, didn't it?

Oh, really? The pretty pictures are what pulled you in? Meh. I'll let them speak for themselves then.


Now that we've got that out of our system.... There's only one thing left to do. The inevitable we were talking about earlier. See? I knew this post was going to make sense after all! And that one thing... Well..


We need a new lock over here. And a new key. And a new gate, while you're at it.
posted on 10/10/2011
by Tecrin


It would seem that all you need to get past the gatekeeper is some shiney distractions to keep his hands busy while you stab him in the back. Adorable little pushover, he is.

Lava or no lava...
posted on 16/09/2011
by Tecrin

We kill everything on sight!


Well, not everything. Not unless we have to. And really, a spider that big, she was just asking for it.

Although I still think we should have tried the tactic involving a massive rolled-up newspaper and some fuzzy slippers, but we got her down anyway.


And then... and then... We were on a roll! So we steamed on over to where Lord Rhyolith was hiding out, put some shoulder into it, and pushed him right over. Him and his burning streaks of fire..

Shannox, for the last time, teach your dogs some manners!
posted on 16/07/2011
by Tecrin


Really now, when you're calling yourself the 'kennel master' of The Firelands, you'd think that your dogs would have learned some manners. Now we had to do it for you. What kind of beast master are you, anyway?

Down, and down, and down again!
posted on 02/07/2011
by Tecrin

Now, an organised person would have posted these updates on our raid kills separately, preferably right after the kills were made. But since I don't think we have such an organised person in Vintage, you'll have to make do with me! Let's separate this post into two, shall we.


On June 14, we got our act together and downed the Twilight Ascendant Council.

While we had a number of wipes in the less-than-5%-bracket, we finally got the council down, resulting in a rather disappointing kill-shot as all that's left of Captain Planet... is a ring. Typical.


Then another week passed in which computer- and airport problems stopped us from progressing on and killing Cho'Gall.

But we got him, in the end. On Thursday, June 30, 1 day into 4.2, we got him.

With quite a lot of time left until the raid ended, as well. So we hopped on our drakes, moved over to Blackwing Descent, squashed everything in our sight, and downed Chimaeron on our first attempt.


So. Yeah, mage with the map. Where to next? Firelands, you say? Who knows...

Sparkles and sunshine? Not for these two!
posted on 08/06/2011
by Tecrin


Oops! Seems like a certain someone had a little brainfart and forgot to broadcast the latest Vintage kill to the world! Bad me! Bad!


We put an end (at least until the next reset) to the tag-team action Valiona and her fabulous brother Theralion had going on in that purple room of theirs, and are already well on our way to kicking some Captain Planet Twilight Ascendant Council butt!

New Addition
posted on 02/06/2011
by Kavash

While not strictly World of warcraft related, this news was too good to pass on.

Emily Hannah was born on June 1th at 19:30 island o'clock as a daughter of Colin (kalaphain in game) and Karin.
She clocked in at a weight of 6lb 15 oz (about 3,14 kg).


On behalf of Vintage I would like to congratulate the parents and welcome the little one to our world.
Live every day like it's an adventure, and let nobody tell you something is impossible.

Recruiting? Who, us?
posted on 08/03/2011
by Tecrin


Yeah, us! Put your raiding pants (or skirts, your choice) on and join our ranks, oh tanks and healers of Turalyon!


We're looking for healers that can not only heal someone back to 100%, but improve their health, cure their bad breath, clip their toenails and extend their life expectancy all in one move without so much as displacing a hair on their head.


We're also looking for tanks that can take a fair beating without toppling over at the first sucker punch and whose sole purpose of life (on Azeroth) is to bravely step forward and sling insults at the biggest raidboss they can find.


Are you older than 18, able to lick a window on both sides without letting your elbows touch, and available on our raidnights (Tuesday/Wednesday/(offnight Sunday) from 2100-2400 server)? Then what are you waiting for, get your butt over to our application form and apply!

4 for the price of 1
posted on 21/02/2011
by Tecrin

It's been aaaaaaaaages since our Lich King kill, and even though we're still very proud, it's about time for it to make room for something new! Out with the (c)old, make room for new things to kill!


Magmaw was the first raidboss (of an actual raid) to bite the dust. Literally, as he (or is it a she? Has anyone bothered to look under the lava yet? While they were swimming with the lavafishies? I mean, it flails its paws and dances and everything, it might just as well be a girl lava worm.) went face down on the stones. He gave us a bit of trouble, but we managed to down the big guy. There was much rejoicing.



The Omnotron Defense System was next on our list. They put up a fight. A big fight, even. A fight with pointy bits and things that exploded and made people sparkly. But despite all their efforts, they went down anyway.



Logic told us that the next boss on our to-kill list was Halfus, the big oaf and his dragons. We made our way to the Twilight Highlands, buffed up, squished some pesky trashpulls under our feet, and ran face-first into Halfus, hoping to push him off the platform. Alas, the first two kills, we failed to do so. Halfus, on the other hand, managed to punt several players into the lava. Then came attempt number 3, and we sent Halfus to his maker. Or his heads to Cho'Gall. You decide.


So that's 3! Vintage is officially on its way to swat the evil-doers of this expansion like the annoying, loud, bug-like, flamey dudes and dudettes they are!


And number 4? Well...


Arthas bites the dust
posted on 08/10/2010
by Kavash

A picture says more than a thousand words, so how many words is a 15 minute video?

Down, girl, down! Bad dragon! Bad!
posted on 04/06/2010
by Tecrin


Byebye, Sindy! Your annoying voice acting will haunt us no longer!


In an amazing, epic fight, that ended in excited screaming on Vent (I should start recording that stuff), Vintage downed the mother of all annoying wyrms and celebrated by taking a few stabs at the Lich King himself. He's next. Trust me. He's going down.

Guild Rules
posted on 01/06/2010
by Kavash

Vintage has been alive and kicking for more than a year now. In that time the guild has grown from a small group of friends, to a slightly larger group of friends. While we had guild rules in the past, they were a bit outdated, and got "lost" in the transition to the new website. The new guild rules are mostly rules that were already in place but were never put in writing, with 2 exceptions.


1: Guild bank access is now restricted to people with an authenticator.
We have had a few hacked accounts during the lifespan of Vintage, resulting in an empty guildbank. While we can't force people to protect their account, this is our way of suggesting you should get an authenticator. If you have trouble finding how to get one, get in touch with one of the officers.


2: The introduction of a raiding rank.
Raiding with vintage will always be open for everyone. However, we do have a core group of raiders. These will get priority for progression content, but will have to make sure they announce if they are available or not in advance. This way, the raidleader will be able to decide if the raid will be cancelled or not in advance, which makes everyone's life easier.


Make sure you've read the guild rules (and sign the topic stating you did so)

without further ado: The guild rules

Vintage first aid 101
posted on 25/05/2010
by Tecrin


Got Valithria down! Eh, up. Really easy fight, once you know what you're doing. Or which abilities you're actually using. Who would have known that using the right rank of Holy light would make all the difference?


Must be said though, the lady is quite the ungrateful bitch. See what she left behind? Just a puff of smoke. How's a guild supposed to make nifty first kill-screenshots without a decent body in the background?!

Good news everyone!
posted on 22/05/2010
by Tecrin


Cheesy bosses deserve cheesy newsitem-titles, don't you think?


After AAAAAGES and AAAAAGES of wiping on the bastard, Professor Putricide is finally done slinging slime and blowing up nasty farts at us. Because we killed him. And spit on his corpse afterwards.

What? He deserved it!

Aaaand down she goes!
posted on 21/04/2010
by Tecrin


Byebye, Blood Queen. That'll teach you not to suck on strange people's necks without permission!

In an epic battle, with time running out and people going at eachother's throats like delirious Twihards, Vintage finally got Blood Queen Lana'Thel/Lalalanel/Lathaniel/Bloodsucking Bitch down. Good job, people!

Next up: Putricide.

Vintage-turalyon.eu, A new home
posted on 31/03/2010
by Kavash


First off, welcome to the new website. While it's not completely done yet, we felt it was ready enough to go live and finish the last parts in the next couple of days. Mostly this means background stuff which most of you won't see anyway, so I'm not too worried about that. However, the calendar isn't finished either, so for the time being, just whisper the raidleader responsible for the night you want to sign for (being me for thursday April
1th and Rob for sunday April 4th).



Because we decided to start from scratch, everone needs to register on the forum. I know, that sucks.
But it'll be worth it. Trust me.


As the old ventserver was a combodeal with our old website, we also have a new ventserver.
If you're signed into the site, the ventdetails will be on the frontpage. So go sign up now.



Are you running into any problems with the site? copy the error message and send it to website@vintage-turalyon.eu . We'll Look at it as soon as possible.